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Posted on January 6, 2009 by Flibster.
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So, the first film of the 250 in 365 challenge and it’s one of the blockbusters from last year. I don’t kno what I can say about this film that hasn’t already been said many times before by virtually everyone else.

Also, my first Blu-Ray review.

First off, it’s a great story, even if there isn’t any words used in the first half of the film. Wall·E is alone, and has been for over 700 years, his only friend is a cockroach who lives in Wall·E’s trailer. Wall·E has unfortunately done something that shouldn’t happen to a robot. He’s developed a personality, and as such, he’s become a bit of a kleptomaniac. Collecting anything that interests him and storing it in his trailer. Plastic forks, plastic spoons, zippo lighters, rubicks cubes and his pride and joy, a copy of Hello Dolly. Then, Eve arrives and he falls in love and follows Eve when she is picked up again by hitching a ride on the spaceship.

Unfortunately from this point, in my opinion, one character steals the show. Not Wall·E, not Evem not even the Autopilot. M-O, one of the cleaning bots. I absolutely love the anal little character they gave him. He’s not in the film much, but the scenes where he appears are magnificent.

It’s a beautifully rendered film. Very bright during the day, very pale for the most part on Earth, but then darkens up and becomes more colourful once they return to the Axiom space ship. Pixar spent time with a would class Cinematographer and learnt how the cameras worked and what they did under different conditions and replicated it in the computer, almost giving it a film quality as well. Going as far as adding in the stretch to the items that are not in focus as you get with anamorphic lenses. Also adding a very dirty look to everything around, dust, loose paper and all sorts of other trash made the environments look more realistic.

There’s something in this film for everyone. It’s without doubt my favourite of the films Pixar have produced and that’s got some fierce competition there.

Visuals: 10/10

Audio: 9/10
It’s an interesting one, at points there is very little sound and there is virtually no spoken dialogue for well over half the film, but it all works to create a barren environment on earth and then becomes more frantic on the Axiom

Theme: 9/10
Some people have complained that it forces the ‘look whats going to happen to Earth’ aspect to hard, but for the context of the film it’s near perfect.

Overall: 10/10
I love this film. I can see myself going back to this many times.

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